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2020 CSS scientific and service awards unveiled at CCS2020

The CSS has established the senior scientific award that recognize outstanding contributions of CSS members at whatever stage of their careers, and the junior scientific award aimed at recognizing extraordinary scientific achievements by CSS young researchers (within 10 years of PhD completion). The society is also awarding the service award to members of the society for their efforts in promoting complex systems science and the CSS society.

The results of the 2020 CSS awards have been announced at the online CCS2020 conference on December 11th, 2020. The 2020 recipients are:

-Senior scientific award: Prof. José Fernando Mendes for his seminal contributions and the many further developments of the theory of Complex Networks.

-Junior scientific awards: Dr. Roberta Sinatra and Dr. Dashun Wang for their pioneer contributions to the science of science and success, having had an impact in multiple fields, from network science to computational social science and scientometrics.

-Service award: Prof. Alain Barrat for the continuous support, the many ideas and the restless activity to ensure the functioning of the Complex Systems Society across the years.

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