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YRNCS Board partial renewal and YRNCS call for committees

The ballot is open for the partial renewal of the YRNCS (Young Researchers Network on Complex Systems) Advisory Board. The YRNCS Advisory Board is composed by five members, and it is partially renewed every every year. This year, two places are vacant. Master/Phd students and researchers up to 4th year after the PhD can apply to join the Board. Candidacies can be submitted until April 15th. The vote will proceed the following two weeks, until April 29th.

For further information on YRNCS, please visit our website www.yrncs.com If you have any question contact us at info@yrncs.com

Please also note that the YRNCS has opened also calls for participation in its committees and change of its logo. YRNCS (Young Researchers Network on Complex Systems) invites young researchers to take an active part in the network by engaging in one of the commissions:

  • online community commission: we are seeking help from people keen on social networks willing to help rebuilding channels of our online communications either by adding new outlets, or adjusting and reviving existing ones.

  • fundraising commission: with the growth of the community and our spread around the world, organising any sort of offline event to gather us requires huge amounts of money. As we believe initiatives such as bridge grants, CCS fee waivers and workshops should happen regularly, we ask you to help us make them financially sustainable.

These calls are open to Members of YRNCS, i.e. CSS members who are Master/PhD students or PostDocs within their fourth year from the PhD. Applications are open until the 30th of April. More information can be found at www.yrncs.com/calls/.

To get involved, drop us an email at info@yrncs.com with your information/interests and answer to the question: Which commission you would like to join and how are you planning to help it? Further information about YRNCS and its activities on our website: www.yrncs.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yrncs and twitter: @YRN_CS .


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