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Job fair of the YRNCS at upcoming NetSciX2016 conference

The job fair will take place on Monday, Jan 11, from 7PM to 8.30PM (See the NetSci-X program at the link http://netsci-x.net/?page_id=450).

The YRNCS Job Fair is targeted towards Master/PhD students and early postdocs in order to make the information on career openings circulate in the frame of NetSciX’16 and facilitate the access to such positions. It is thus a great appointment both if you look for a position or if you have an opening:

-If you look for candidates: you will be given the possibility to deliver a brief presentation of both the position, and the laboratory or group hosting it.

-If you look for positions: The Job Fair is the perfect frame for meeting potential hirers face to face prior to the application, explaining the specs of the opening.

Please send us an email at jobs@yrncs.com to show interest or ask further info. If you have a opening please contact us and fill the form on http://www.yrncs.com/jobfair-netscix/ so that we can advertise it, prior to the event, also on our website.


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