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2015 CSS scientific and service awards unveiled at CCS'15

The CSS is presenting the second edition of the CSS awards that recognize the outstanding scientific contributions and service by members of the society.

In order to recognize exceptional contributions to the science of complex systems the society has established the senior scientific award that recognize outstanding contributions of CSS members at whatever stage of their careers, and the junior scientific award aimed at recognizing extraordinary scientific achievements by CSS young researchers (within 7 years of PhD completion). The society is also awarding special service awards to members of the society for their efforts in promoting complex systems science and the CSS society.

At CCS'15 in Tempe, Arizona, Maxi San Miguel has received the CSS senior scientific award. This award recognizes his long standing scientific career characterized by a cross-disciplinary approach at the core of complexity sciences and for his contributions in statistical physics, computational social sciences, stochastic processes, and non-linear dynamics towards he establishment and advancement of complex systems science.

The CSS junior scientific awards winners are Bruno Gonçalves and Chiara Poletto. Bruno Gonçalves has made in the last years significant and crucial contributions to the study of human social behavior from large-scale online attention and behavioral data (Computational Social Science / Data Science). Chiara Poletto has gone from a theoretical physics background to a career in epidemiology, showing a true example of interdisciplinary thinking and using complex systems methods to provide useful information to managing of public health issues.

The recipients of the Service Awards are

-Jorge Louça, for his work as Chair of the Steering Committee of the Conference on Complex Systems, which, after two particularly successful editions in Barcelona (2013) and Lucca (2014), is this year taking place for the first time in the US, and -the Young Researchers Network on Complex Systems, for their tremendous effort and many initiatives to help young scientists thrive in the field of complex systems.

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