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CSS Awards announced at CCS 2022

Senior Award

Adilson Motter, For his contributions to the study of nonlinear dynamics in complex systems and networks, including synchronization, chaos, cascading failures, control, and its interdisciplinary applications including technical, socio-technical and biomedical systems.

Junior Awards

Federico Battiston

For his key and pioneering contributions on generalized network structures such as multilayer and higher-order networks, and for his many contributions to the structuring and development of the complex systems community.

Neave O'Clery

For her contributions using complex systems and complex networks methodologies, including machine learning approaches, to the field of economic geography, and for her contributions to creating bridges between science and policy making.

Emerging Awards

Aleix Bassolas

For his contributions in advancing our understanding of human mobility, and his efforts applying the developed knowledge and data analysis in the policy sphere concerning urban transportation and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michelle Feng

For her development of new methods in topological data analysis in spatial systems, and her efforts to use complex systems tools towards social science and social justice, in what can be called “data activism”.

William Gilpin

For his use of complex systems tools in fields as diverse as fluid dynamics, systems biology and cryptography, and his efforts to develop educational contents and help students from underrepresented backgrounds.

Service Award

Yamir Moreno

For his extensive contributions to the Complex Systems Society, having served as president, vice-president, executive committee member, and council member.

Winter Workshop on Complex Systems

For their efforts and support for the involvement of young researchers in the scientific study of complex systems.

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