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Invitation to join the CCS awards ceremony and round table

This week a fully online edition of the Conference of Complex Systems is taking place. The Society and the CCS organizing committee would like to invite all the Complex Systems community, even those not registered to the conference, to the two events happening on the last day of the conference, that is this Friday, December 11th. The link to connect will be made publicly available on the conference website (http://ccs2020.web.auth.gr/) on Friday morning.

Awards Ceremony | Friday December 11 | 15:45-16:45 GMT

Following the tradition of recent years there will be a special session for awarding several prizes to scientists in our community who deserve special recognition for their achievements in their career in the field of Complex Systems. These include the Senior Scientific award that recognizes outstanding contributions of Complex Systems scholars at whatever stage of their careers, and the Junior Scientific award is aimed at recognizing excellent scientific record of young researchers (within 10 years of PhD completion). Finally, the Service Award is given to scientists in recognition of their services to Complex Systems Society. The announcement of the winners will then be followed by a talk from the Senior Award winner.

Round Table discussion "COVID and Complex Systems" | Friday December 11 | 16:45-17:45 GMT

A round table discussion will take place on the last day of the CCS meeting. After initial positions by the panelists the session will be open to questions and comments by the audience. Panelists include:

Professor Guido Caldarelli, President of CSS

Professor Dirk Brockmann, Humboldt U, Berlin

Dr. Manuel García-Herranz, UNICEF

Dr. Lorenzo Righetto, Nature

Dr. Nico Gariboldy, Pfizer

Dr. Daniela Paolotti, ISI, Torino

Dr. Andrea Capocci, journalist

Dr. Barbara Carfagna, journalist

Dr. Deisy Morselli-Gysi, Northeastern U, Boston


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