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Postdoctoral position on political discourse and media analysis

We are looking for a postdoctoral candidate, with a strong background in computer sciences, mathematics or complex systems, to study the role of the media in political decisions and agenda setting. The fellow will be part of an ongoing project involving several members of the group. The overall project requires extracting and analyzing data from both political institutions (parliaments, etc.) and other sources, including conventional and social media. The fellow will be offered independence, and the opportunity to collaborate with several other junior and senior researchers in one of the best scientific institutes in Portugal, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. This is a fun and challenging environment, good for scientists interested in trying different approaches to problems.

Candidates should have a PhD in computer science, physics, mathematics, or similar, and be an experienced programmer with knowledge of Python. Preference may be given to candidates who work well with Matlab, R or Mathematica and are experienced in data and text mining, natural language or sentiment analysis. Working knowledge of English required, some knowledge of Portuguese preferred.

Please send CV, motivation letter and contacts of two references to mjsa@igc.gulbenkian.pt, before March 31st.

Flexible start date, from April 15th

LabLisbon / Oeiras
Duration/Period6 to 18 months
Keywordspolitical discourse; media; NLP; social networks; complex systems;

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