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Research position on modelling opinion dynamics in Sweden

The project is to apply an interdisciplinary method, previously known from the field of physics, on electoral individual-level data. Within this project, we are planning to develop further a voter model presented in the prestigious journal Physical Review Letters in 2014 (Volume: 112, page: 158701) by extending it to multi-party systems while applying it to the City of Stockholm where spatial electoral data exist in fine resolution.

The candidate should have a Doctoral Degree (PhD or equivalent) in physics or computational (social) science. Department of Sociology can give some help in managing of data processing, however, the candidate should be able to easily work with large data sets as well as to run computer simulations on (super)computers. Previous studies and work experience in network science or complex systems are needed for a successful application. Strong interest in social science is welcomed.

The candidate will work at the Department of Sociology in an own office. Teaching can be optionally chosen, excellent skills in spoken and written English are required.

Contact Ilkka Mäkinen (ilkka_henrik.makinen@soc.uu.se) or Attila Szilva (attila.szilva@physics.uu.se).

The last application date is 2017-04-01.

Duration/Period2 years
Deadline31/03/2017 22:00
Keywordsopinions dynamics network computational social complex statistical physics;

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