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Graduate Assistant in urban geography and complex sciences

Conditions of Application: Master’s degree (or equivalent) in geography or spatial analysis or economy or mathematics/computer sciences applied to social sciences

Strong interest for present issues in complexity sciences with competences in multi-agent modelling, network analysis, social networks and management. Capacity to conceptualize models based on existing theories, from multi-level elaborations. Autonomy in the creative process.

PhD Project in the fields of urban systems in Geography and complex systems

The candidate will contribute in teaching in survey statistics and in the analysis, visualisation and simulation of geographical networks

At least 50 per cent of working time will be devoted to research towards the completion of a doctoral dissertation.

At most 50 per cent of working time will be devoted to teach and to particpate to projects of the research group «geographic information science»

Please send an electronic application to Mrs Christelle Monnet (christelle.monnet@unil.ch) containing the following items:

-      a letter of motivation

-      a full CV

-      the names and email addresses of two persons as reference persons

-      a copy of university degrees and grades

-      the electronic file of a piece of research work (Master’s thesis, scientific paper or publication, etc.)

-      a note of intention concerning the doctoral dissertation

LabUniversity of Lausanne
Starts on01/02/2017
Duration/Period5 years
Deadline29/11/2016 23:00
KeywordsUrban systems; Geography; Networks; Complex sciences;

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