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PhD scholarship in "Describing network and information processing co-development"

In many biological processes (e.g. brain development), underlying network structure and information processing properties co-evolve or co-adapt through time. Yet, little is known about the interplay between physical network structure and more abstract information processing properties during such development. This project will catalog co-development in adaptation or growth processes in natural systems (e.g. using neural recordings), models and artificial systems (e.g. in artificial neural networks as they are being trained). The study will reveal the extent to which each aspect of network and dynamics drives the development of the other and specific mechanisms used for such tuning, as well as investigating how such findings may be used to guide self-organisation of artificial information processing systems. The PhD project will involve numerical analysis of model data as well as neural recordings, and software development on algorithms.

The PhD student will be supervised by Dr. Joseph Lizier and Prof. Mikhail Prokopenko, joining Dr. Lizier’s ARC DECRA fellowship project “Relating function of complex networks to structure using information theory” within the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies at the University of Sydney.

LabThe University of Sydney
Starts on27/02/2017
Duration/Period3 years+
Deadline14/08/2016 22:00
Keywordscomplex networks; information theory; transfer entropy; information processing;

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