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PhD opportunity will full funding on healthy ageing in cities and social network

Healthy Aging in Cities: The combined role of built environments and socio-spatial networks

The way people are connected to each other and the way our cities are built have both been shown to influence healthy aging. Yet, we do not understand exactly how built environments, daily mobility, and social interactions either favour or hinder healthy aging. But novel wearable sensor devices including Global Positioning System receivers or accelerometers make it possible to gather precise information on people's daily mobility and physical activity. Combining such data with detailed questionnaires documenting social networks opens new ways to better understand the environmental determinants of healthy aging. Statistical methods and graph theory will help us identify which features of the built environment and what characteristics of one's social network influence healthy aging, active mobility and well-being. This project will help provide tangible recommendations to improve urban planning and public health strategies.

Deadline for application: September, the 1st, 2016

Thesis supervisor : Cédric Sueur (IPHC Strasbourg) Contact: cedric.sueur@iphc.cnrs.fr Institut Pluridicplinaire Hubert Curien, 23, rue Becquerel F-67087 Strasbourg France Co-supervisor : Yan Kestens, Université de Montréal Collaboratorss : Audrey Bergouignan (IPHC, Strasbourg), Julie Vallée (Geographie-Cités, Paris), Basile Chaix (Nemesis, Inserm, Paris)

Wished skills (maximum 600 caractères, espaces et sauts de lignes compris) : Multidisciplinary approach (Biology, Geography, Public health, Sociology), Social Network analysis, Statistical analyses, Geographical Information System

Expertises which will be acquired during the training (maximum 600 caractères, espaces et sauts de lignes compris): Cross-disciplinary expertise, Social network analyses, scientific papers writing, database management, data mining

Key word (maximum 50 caractères, espaces compris) qui s'affichera dans une liste déroulante pour la consultation des sujets sur le site de l'Ecole Doctorale : public health, social network, mobility, biologging, healthy ageing

Deadline31/08/2016 22:00
Keywordspublic health; social network; mobility; biologging; healthy ageing;

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