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Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) Persuasive Technologies

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Persuasive Technologies. We seek a colleague whose primary research interests focus on interactive technologies for changing attitudes and behaviors in applied contexts (e.g., politics, health, the environment, food systems, education). Priority will be given to applicants investigating the uses of emerging technologies in persuasion, including but not limited to social online networks, mobile apps, computer-based message tailoring, microtargeted campaigns based on database analytics, and educational videogames. The applicant’s research should be theory-driven and focused on the intersection of new technologies and persuasion theory. We are especially eager to receive applicants from scholars who can both research and develop these technologies. The applicant’s research program must be consistent with the Department’s quantitative science orientation and affiliation with the Division of Social Sciences. A doctorate degree is required. Demonstrated research and teaching competence are required. Applicants must have the potential to secure significant external funding; obtaining such funding is a Department requirement for tenure. This position is subject to final administrative approval. Position to begin July 1, 2016. Applications: To apply, please go to URL: https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/apply/JPF00638

Starts on01/07/2016
Deadline29/06/2016 22:00

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