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Postdoctoral Position at SEES lab, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

We are looking for a candidate with interested in working in the area of complex systems with a special emphasis in building quantitative methodologies applicable to real data (see http://seeslab.info for further info).

The successful candidate is expected to carry out research related tasks such as performing research, writing papers, delivering presentations, and regularly attending and participating in research meetings. She/He will be also in charge of mentoring (occasionally) graduate and undergraduate students.

Interested candidates should send their full CV to seeslab.gmail.com, marta.sales@urv.cat or roger.guimera@urv.cat and provide the names of at least two people (including email address and institution) willing to write a reference letter for them. The letter is not necessary, at the time of application, but we may contact them if necessary. The ideal candidate should have a Doctoral degree in Physics, Applied Math, Engineering, Computer Science or a related discipline. We are looking for strongly motivated scholars who want to push the boundaries of current approaches to complex systems. Candidates should be experienced programmers (Python, C++, C...) and have strong written and oral skills. We will also take into account previous experience with Bayesian Inference, Statistical Mechanics, Complex Networks and Data Analytics.

Deadline29/11/2015 23:00
Keywordscomplex systems inference complex networks data analytics;

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