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We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to work at the interface between Network Geometry and Machine Learning (dimension reduction techniques and neural networks). The successful applicant will work with Prof. M. Ángeles Serrano and Prof. Marián Boguñá at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics of the University of Barcelona and UB Institute of Complex Systems (UBICS). The position should start as soon as possible. The contract is for one year, renewable for another year.


- A PhD in physics, mathematics, computer science, computer/electronic engineering, or other related discipline is expected.
- Expertise in complex networks and machine learning. When expertise is proved in only one of them, we require a strong motivation for learning the other.
- Excellent software development skills.
- Excellent communication skills, verbal and written (English).

Application process:

Interested applicants are requested to submit

- a Curriculum Vitae including relevant publications and the name and contact details of 2 referees.

- an expression of interest including a statement about the adequacy of the candidate to the research group.

We promote diversity and equal opportunities, minorities in science are encouraged to apply.

Queries about this position should be sent to marian.serrano@ub.edu or marian.boguna@ub.edu.

Starts on01/03/2023
Duration/Period1+1 years
Deadline31/01/2023 0:00
KeywordsComplex Networs; Network Geometry; Machine Learning; Neural Networks;

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