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Postdoc at the Centre de Physique Théorique, Marseilles

Nosocomial infections represent a heavy burden on health care systems and presents as well important economic costs. To achieve progresses in their understanding and hence towards more efficient containment measures, it is crucial to acquire a better grasp of the mechanisms of human contacts and hygiene protocol compliance. To this aim, data-driven computational models represent essential tools to evaluate scenarios, understand the patterns of transmission, detect at-risk situations, design and evaluate containment strategies. In order to lead to trustworthy conclusions, such models need to be fed by reliable data. In this respect, novel technologies constitute powerful means of acquiring data in controlled and systematic ways and allow to envision novel automated tools to detect at risk situations and recover index cases when outbreaks occur. Given the complex nature of the data gathered by such means, as well as the issues raised concerning the acceptability of automated monitoring systems and the respect of privacy, advances in this domain require interdisciplinary expertise going from complex systems analysis to social sciences, public health and epidemiology.

The MITRA project brings together teams who have devised automatic systems of data gathering able respectively to (i) monitor hand-hygiene compliance of health-care workers and (ii) detect contacts between individuals. It aims at developing an interdisiciplinary research effort towards a better understanding of contacts and hand-hygiene compliance mechanisms in hospital wards. The project is organized around four scientific tasks: (i) merging of infrastructures and data gathering, combined with surveys measuring self-evaluation of contacts and hand-hygiene by health-care workers, as well as the acceptability of the infrastructures; (ii) analysis and visualization of data in order to grasp its most salient characteristics; (iii) buiding of data-driven models of hospital wards and test of spreading scenarios and containment strategies; (iv) design and validation of a prototype surveillance system to monitor and audit a ward, to perform exercises, to create an alert in case of at-risk situations and to perform index-case recovery in case of outbreak.

Interested candidates should send an email inquiry to Alain Barrat (alain.barrat at gmail.com)

LabCPT, Marseille
Starts on01/11/2015
Duration/Period1/11/2015 - 31/08/2016
Deadline30/10/2015 23:00

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