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Exciting Postdoc fellowships on Emergence

The Dutch Institute of Emergent Phenomena (DIEP) seeks three postdocs to work within the topic of 'emergence' and complex systems at large. The topic can be determined by the candidate and in consultation with one of the affiliated researchers. We seek candidates who have an interdisciplinary mindset, are self-motivated, and not afraid to venture into new areas of science.

You will join an excellent team of scientists that conducts exciting interdisciplinary research within emergence in areas such as (quantum) information theory, non-equilibrium statistical physics, theory of critical phenomena, experiments on (quantum) systems and living systems, chemical ecology, reaction networks, multiscale modelling, machine learning, complex system theory, agent-based modelling, causal inference, evolutionary game theory, network analysis, phases of matter, biophysics, emergent spacetime, and stochastic methods.

Each postdoc fellowship is three years, 38 hours per week. More details can be found on the website of DIEP.

Duration/PeriodThree years
Deadline30/09/2022 0:00
Keywordsemergence; postdoc; complex systems; complexity; interdisciplinary;

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