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Full time lectureship (W/M) at the Department of Mathematics UNamur and naXys

  • You will consolidate the research project of the Department of Mathematics in Applied Mathematics and Complexity by integrating the naXys Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Complex Systems, whose current research axes are described in more detail on the website: https://www.naxys.be
  • You will invest in the educational project of the Department of Mathematics by providing a course load including general and specialised courses in the bachelor and master programs in Mathematics as well as Mathematics courses in other disciplines
  • A solid research experience and a real interest in research in Applied Mathematics and Complexity,
  • An aptitude and a great motivation for university teaching,
  • An ability to develop innovative ideas for the teaching and training of students,
  • A capacity for integration into existing structures at UNamur, particularly within the Mathematics Department and the naXys institute, and an ability to develop collaborations,
  • Ability to obtain funding to carry out research projects,
  • Capacities for managing a research team,
  • An ability to get involved in community service missions,
  • Skill levels being equal, experience in research oriented towards the analysis, management and/or use of data, will be considered an asset,
  • Good knowledge of English.

Duration/Period3 years
Deadline01/09/2022 0:00
Keywordscomplex systems; applied mathematics;

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