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Full-Time Faculty on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The Asian Institute of Management has an available open rank faculty position in the area of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Faculty member reports to the Associate Dean.

The faculty is also expected to actively engage in various Program, School, and Institute committees and participate in community service. Excellent interpersonal, communication and management skills are also required. Faculty members have the following teaching, research, and citizenship responsibilities:


  • Undertake teaching in degree and non-degree programs
  • Play a significant role in the design, development, planning, and review of courses, modules, etc. for degree and non-degree programs
  • Provide general guidance and support to students, and give timely and relevant feedback
  • Mentor students undertaking capstone projects, learning labs, and other projects or activities



  • Aim to be recognized as a thought leader in their chosen field, developing and maintaining an external profile appropriate to the discipline
  • Perform research and scholarly activities and remain current
  • Undertake research and publish in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals



  • Uphold the Institute's values in all activities, both personal and professional
  • Be an active and responsible member of the Institute's collegial body and be willing to accept administrative assignments as the leadership sees appropriate
  • Contribute to the management, administrative processes, and committee responsibilities of the Institute
  • Actively take part in activities of Programs, Schools, and Institute
LabMakati City
Starts on09/09/2022
KeywordsData Science and Artificial Intelligence;

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