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PhD position in Physics

The Group of Physics in Economics and Social Sciences (Faculty of Physics Warsaw University of Technology ) is looking for a highly motivated candidate interested in working as a PhD student in the Project “Signed Relations and Structural Balance in Complex Systems: From Data to Models”.

The Project is a cooperation of Warsaw University of Technology (Principal Investigator Prof. Janusz Holyst) and ETH Zurich (Principal Investigator Prof. Frank Schweitzer), funded through a bi-lateral Polish National Science Center and Swiss National Science Foundation programme ALPHORN. See more: http://fens.if.pw.edu.pl/alphorn/.

A successful candidate will be responsible for carrying out research in the scope of the Project, in particular for

  • building agent-based models for generating interactions from signed relations,
  • building agent-based models that allow a description of the evolution of signed social networks,
  • calibration and validation of created models based on real-world datasets,
  • preparing scientific publications and reports,
  • taking part in team meetings, collaboration visits and scientific conferences.

Through this work, the candidate will contribute to the network theory with respect to the creation of signed relations and its connections to structural balance with a special emphasis on real-world data.

The successful candidate will need to enlist for a 4-year doctoral programme at Warsaw University of Technology (by a separate admission process) that requires attending specialized courses as well as teaching (respectively, 52 ECTS and 120 hours in total). More information: https://www.sd.pw.edu.pl/sd_en/Doctoral-Schools2/Doctoral-School-no.-3.

An ideal candidate will:

  • hold MSc or MA degree in physics (preferably), mathematics, computer science, sociology, economics or related area,
  • have a fluent knowledge of at least one programming language such as C/C++/C#, Java, python, R, julia
  • be proficient in writing and speaking English,
  • be scrupulous, precise and persistent in the research and able to work on their own as well as in the team

The following abilities will be counted as increasing the chances for a successful application:

  • (co)authorship of at least one paper (published or in the form of a preprint),
  • knowledge of physics of complex systems, in particular connected to complex networks, including their definitions, models as well as processes taking place on them,
  • knowledge of statistics and stochastic processes,
  • knowledge of machine learning approaches,

Financial conditions:

  • the post will be connected to a 24-month stipend (ca 2559 PLN gross) paid from the Project,
  • additionally, as a PhD student at WUT, the candidate will be entitled to a separate PhD stipend: 2372 PLN gross for the first 2 years and 3654 PLN gross for the next two years, provided the PhD student successfully passes the mid-term evaluation,
  • additional financial benefits (e.g., pro-quality subsidy) are dependent on PhD student’s progress,
  • as a PhD student, the candidate will be subject to national health insurance and public transport discounts in the city of Warsaw


Applications consisting of the below-described documents should be sent to Prof. Janusz Holyst by email (janusz.holyst@pw.edu.pl) before 22 December 2021:

  • Curriculum Vitae including professional and scientific achievements (in particular, list scientific publications and preprints, stipends, awards, talks and posters at conferences)
  • a cover letter,
  • electronic versions of the defended theses (BSc, MSc, BA, MA, etc.),
  • scanned copies confirming obtained degrees,
  • at least one reference letter.

The applications will be evaluated by a Committee appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics. Online interviews with selected candidates will be taken between 27 and 30 December 2021. The successful candidate will be informed by 31 December 2021. Unsuccessful candidates do not have the right to appeal to Committee’s final decision.

The successful candidate is expected to start her/his duties by 15 February 2022.


More information about the Project: http://fens.if.pw.edu.pl/alphorn/

Webpage of Prof. Janusz Hołyst: http://www.if.pw.edu.pl/~jholyst/persen.php

PhD Programme information: https://www.sd.pw.edu.pl/sd_en/Doctoral-Schools2/Doctoral-School-no.-3

Starts on15/02/2022
Deadline22/12/2021 0:00

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