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PhD Studentship

Having filled one PhD-studentship position earlier this year, we will have a second position available from April 2021. Conditions and requirements are identical to the first one (see https://cssociety.org/my/posts/job-openings/252).

Payment according to German TVL-13 scheme (75%-position). The position is fixed term until March 31 2023.

Since the position involves some teaching (TA classes) in German, some knowledge of the German language is required.

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching of TA classes corresponding to the lectures given by the Chair for Microeconomics (Computational Economics, Econ 101, Introductory Microeconomics, etc.); support in organising, conducting, grading of exams
  • Participation in research conducted by the Chair for Microeconomics in computational economics, complex systems in economics, etc. Papers resulting from such research can and should be included in the PhD thesis of the student.
  • Presentation of research at conferences and in academic journals
  • Support in managing projects of the Chair of Microeconomics (funding proposals, research and teaching activities)

Necessary qualifications:

  • Masters degree in economics, finance, complex systems science, or a related field
  • Experience with and interest in the fields: dynamics of complex systems, microeconomics, heterodox economics and/or computational economics
  • Good knowledge of English and German

The application deadline is January 15 2021.

Starts on01/04/2021
Duration/Perioduntil March 2023
Deadline15/01/2021 0:00
Keywordscomputational economics; complex systems in economics; agent-based modelling;

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