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PhD positions in Network Science at CEU Vienna

The Department of Network & Data Science of Central European University announces 5 fully funded PhD scholarships.The PhD program in Network Science is a research-oriented program accredited both in Austria and the United States that provides the only PhD degree in this field in Europe. We welcome applications to work on the theoretical and methodological foundations of network science, as well as application oriented data-driven research in network science. The Department is highly interdisciplinary, hosting 20+ PhD students with diverse backgrounds, including physics, mathematics, computer science, statistics, ecology, architecture, economics, psychology and sociology. Scholarships are fully funded and last for 3 years and half, and further generous support is available throughout the PhD program both for extended research visits abroad and attendance of conferences and workshops. Application deadline is February 28 2021. Successful applicants will start in Vienna in September 2021. Interested applicants are invited to visit the webpage of the PhD program.

Starts on01/09/2021
Deadline28/02/2021 0:00
KeywordsPhD program; network science;

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