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MASTER internship: Graph-based modelling of product design process

Searching for the best possible control and management of a complex system design process is still an important issue. Indeed, it will allow capitalization of best practices and their efficient re-use for the new products' development.

During the design process, numerous data are generated and manipulated either from already existing knowledge or from created knowledge. So, to achieve objectives of capitalization and traceability all along the design process, research works are still needed to better take advantage of the current process of digitalization (through PLM and Digital twin approaches).

Actually, it is possible to represent all these pieces of information (product data, process, activities, knowledge objects) and their interactions with the help of graphs. Graph-based modeling is an innovative approach in the context of the product design process to identify best practices capitalizing, tracing data or decisions, etc.

In our context, one difficulty for this modeling is that the resulting graphs are complex, due to the multiplicity of nodes, their numerous interactions, the consideration of their semantic, etc.

The objective of this research work is to propose graph-based modeling from several use-cases of the product design process (which are already existing in the laboratory) and to identify the associated meta-model. Once these graphs modeled, the analysis will allow identifying opportunities of capitalization from the pattern, of performance evaluation, etc.

LabDISP Lab - University of Lyon 2
Deadline02/01/2021 0:00
KeywordsSystems and Graph modelling; Complex networks; Product design;

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