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Senior Post doc position @University of Padova, Physics Department

The application must also include: 1) a CV detailing the candidate’s academic and research background, including evidence of documented post- PhD research activities pertaining to the scientific areas of the project carried out in accordance with Art. 18, Paragraph 5 of Law 240/2010, research funded by a scholarship or conducted during employment/under contract, or research conducted in an equivalent position in Italy or abroad. In accordance with Art. 23 of Law 240/2010, contracts for teaching activities must be supported by a declaration from the relevant institution stating the scholar’s role on any research project and its duration. 2) the names of two university lecturers or researchers, or research institutes that are experts in the research discipline from outside the University of Padova. These referees will have been sent an email inviting them to complete an online letter of presentation on the website to be submitted by 19 May 2015. Letters submitted after this date or using other methods than the one advised here will not be considered. 3) a list of academic publications and qualifications deemed useful for the selection announcement. Candidates should attach a copy of relevant documents in .PDF format. 4) a research proposal in English, which must include: a. project title; b. summary/abstract (max. 4,000 characters); c. complete description of the candidate's proposed research, the Department proposed as Research Base, as well as the technical support and infrastructure deemed necessary to conduct it (max. 16,000 characters); d. the name of a university lecturer or researcher recommended as the project’s contact and who is affiliated with the department proposed as the “Research Base”. 5) pdf copy of an identity document.

The online application must be completed by 1pm on 13 May 2015, otherwise the application shall be declared void. Candidates can only submit one application for this selection announcement. All of the information regarding this selection announcement shall be published on the Official University Register: (http://protocollo.unipd.it/albo/viewer) and the University’s website: (http://www.unipd.it/ricerca/finanziamenti/assegni/assegni-di-ricerca-senior). Once this information has been published, candidates are deemed to have been notified thereof.

Starts on01/09/2015
Deadline12/05/2015 22:00

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