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PostDoc in Computational modelling

Applications are invited for a computational modelling position to work within an exciting project linked to the Health Systems Complexity team at the Institute of Advanced Study in the University of Amsterdam. The team is an interdisciplinary group of researchers, based in the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC) and the Computational Science Lab (CSL), devoted to the use of mathematical and computational methods to understand biomedical and social processes and their interplay.

This computational modelling PostDoc will collaborate closely with two existing Ph.D. students on public health and system dynamics modeling. The aim of the newly developed bio-physical model is to integrate it into a broader, existing system dynamics model which will link the bio-physical outcomes to the other relevant processes at different scales. It is also a wish to understand exactly if and how the complex behaviors of the immune response model interacts with (has synergy with) the higher-level processes which influence T2D, motivating the necessity of inclusion of the bio-physical level in the same model as the population level, which has not been done previously.

For more details and applying please go to: https://www.academictransfer.com/nl/283345/postdoc-computational-modelling/

Duration/Period2-3 years
Deadline06/03/2019 23:00
Keywordsmulti-scale modeling; immune system modeling; chronic inflammation; type 2 diabetes; lifestyle diseases; system dynamics modeling; agent-based modeling;

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