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George J. Klir Named Professor in Systems Science at Binghamton University

The Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science at Binghamton University is seeking nominations and applications for the George J. Klir Named Professor in Systems Science position. This is a newly-created position made possible by a gift to honor the memory and work of the late George J. Klir, a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Systems Science at Binghamton University.

The candidate should demonstrate leading academic fortitude in the fields inspired by Dr. Klir's work in Systems Science, including, but not limited to: systems modeling, systems problem solving, soft computing, information theory, data science/analytics, computational intelligence, complex systems, fuzzy measure theory, general systems theory, generalized information theory, and other related topics. The position will carry the rank of tenured full professor in the Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering within the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Other attributes of the desired candidate include:

  • International stature and visibility
  • A history of recognized teaching and scholarship
  • Reputation as a respected leader and mentor for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers

Responsibilities of the position will include:

  • Intellectual leadership in systems science, including the growth of an active research group or/and interdisciplinary center
  • Accomplishments in scholarly contribution commensurate with named professors, typically with externally sponsored research funds, supervision of graduate students, scholarly publications, and publicly visible lectures and presentations
  • Responsible stewardship and use of endowment funds in order to support systems science studies at the University
  • Promotion, representation, and advocacy of Binghamton University and its contributions toward relevant areas of systems science
  • Interfaces and applications of systems science to the benefit of the State and the University's industry and academic partners
  • As a senior faculty member, provide mentorship to other faculty members throughout the Watson School and the University.

The incumbent will be expected to document his or her accomplishments in these areas on a yearly basis to the Chair of the Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Department as well as the Dean of the Watson School, and the cumulative contributions will be evaluated for the purposes of reappointment to the named professorship by the Provost at five year intervals.

The Watson School is dedicated to the goal of building a diverse and inclusive teaching, research, and working environment. Potential applicants who share this goal, especially underrepresented minorities, women and persons with disabilities, are strongly encouraged to apply.

LabBinghamton, NY
Deadline29/06/2019 22:00
KeywordsSystems science; systems modeling; systems problem solving; soft computing; information theory; data science/analytics; computational intelligence; complex systems; fuzzy measure theory; general systems theory; generalized information theory;

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