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AVAST Fellowship at the Institute of Computer Science CAS in Prague, Czech Republic

Are you interested in computer science, machine learning or data science? Are you attracted by applications in computer security? We are looking for candidates interested in basic and applied research motivated by the need to protect users from the increasingly sophisticated malware ecosystem. You will join a team of ICS and AVAST researchers and focus on developing strategies to combat malware proliferation. Promising methods you develop will be implemented in systems that protect and affect over 430 million users.

Publishing research findings through scientific reports, research proposals and scientific papers is envisaged, taking into account spheres of free and protected research specified by AVAST (due to the nature of the research and sensitivity of the data).

The Fellow will have an opportunity to contribute to a range of projects including machine learning applications in computer security and big data analysis of data collected from our global user base such as hundreds of millions of samples or network traffic statistics.

CountryCzech Republic
Starts on01/01/2019
Duration/Period12 months with possible prolongation
Deadline30/10/2018 23:00
Keywordsmachine learning; computer security; big data;

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