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Full professor (tenure) + starting grant

We expect the opening, by the end of 2018, of a Full Professor position at
 the Theoretical Physics and Modelisation Laboratory (LPTM), Physics Department, 
 University Cergy Pontoise, France.  Position to start in September 2019.

 This position will be endowed by Labex MME-DII (see
 https://labex-mme-dii.u-cergy.fr/) with a "Chaire d'Excellence" or
 special funding involving:

 A 4-year 10,000 Euros/year personal research grant
 A 4-year, up to 13,000 Euros/year, salary bonus
 A 4-year partial two-third teaching dispensation, leading to a 64 hrs
 annual service instead of the statutory 192 hrs.

 Teaching at Physics Department, Université Cergy Pontoise, is done at
 undergraduate/graduate/postgraduate level; note that
 teaching curriculum includes a fully-English taught Master degree in
 Theoretical Physics , see


 LPTM is a jointly supervised CNRS-Université Cergy Pontoise research
 entity in the Physics Department, Faculty of Science and Techniques, UCP.
 Research domains include: Condensed Matter Physics, 2D physics ,
 Fundaments of quantum theory, Cold Atoms, with strong numerical aspects and
 connections with experimental groups; Classical and Quantum Integrable
 systems; Stochastic processes and theoretical statistical mechanics; Soft
 matter theory, Complex systems, Non-linear dynamics and computational
 neuroscience . Research collaborations involve more than 80 laboratories or
 departments of Physics, Mathematical Sciences or Computer Sciences
 throughout the world.

 We are looking for outstanding candidates with a high level expertise in
 one or several domains pertaining to this research spectrum, without any
 predefined priority.

 Note that application to a French Professor position is subject to
 getting the "Qualification" assessment from French academic institution,
 the next call for the "Qualificaton au fonction de professeur des universites" 
 will be in september-october 2018.  It is recommended to obtain it at national level 
 by applying  through the portal:


 Opening confirmation is to occur around September 2018. Application
 schedule and procedures will be found on the above-mentioned portal. 
 The selection will be done during March-June 2019 for an expected start 
 of the position in September 2019.

 Jean Avan, Chairman LPTM: jean.avan@u-cergy.fr
 Andreas Honecker, Deputy Chairman; andreas.honecker@u-cergy.fr
 Flora Koukiou, Head of Department: flora.koukiou@u-cergy.fr

LabLaboratoire de Physique Théorique et Modélisation (LPTM) UMR CNRS-Cergy Pontoise University
Starts on01/09/2019
Deadline01/04/2019 0:00
Keywordsphysics of complex systems; complex networks; dynamical systems; synchronization problems; application to neurosciences; ecology; social sciences;

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