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Data analysis of social dynamics onlin - Post Doctoral Fellow position @ IMT Lucca


The candidate must provide an established expertise and proven portfolio of research within one or more of the following research fields: Data Analytics on Large Datasets (R, Python, Igraph, Networkx), Network Science and Spreading Dynamics. Excellent knowledge of English and interest in understanding the social determinants behind the diffusion of information

Formal requirements:

The candidate must possess a postgraduate degree at PhD level in a subject area relevant to the profile. An excellent level of both written and spoken English is mandatory.

Specific requirements:

The candidate must prove ability in effective and persuasive communication, ability to supervise the work of others to focus team efforts, ability to work in a multidisciplinary team and to be able to communicate complex information to individuals from a range of disciplines

Research Area:

Economics, Management Science, and Complex Systems

Research Unit:

NETWORKS - Complex Networks

Type of contract:

Assegno di ricerca

Duration/Period1 year
Deadline14/03/2018 23:00
KeywordsData Science; Misinformation;

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