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PhD Position in "Complex Networks and Renewable Energies"

This position (TV-L E13, 50%) will be embedded in a new BMBF-funded 3-year project on modeling the nonlinear dynamics of the electricity grid.

The general topic of this Ph.D. work is the theoretical and computational investigation of the transition to an electricity supply fully or mostly based on renewable energy sources in Germany, embedded into Europe, by the year 2050 as outlined in the Energy Roadmap 2050 by the European Commission.

Among other aspects, this project will examine the requirements and scale of the extension of the electrical grid in Germany and Europe, using methods of complex network theory. The studies will look at the timeline of the transition to renewables. This also includes determining pathways to reduce the need for fossil-fuel or nuclear conventional power plants, or the usage of storage systems in order to reduce the impact of the strongly variable input of wind and solar power generation.

Further topics include the investigation of the benefits of connecting the electricity system to other energy sectors in terms of coupled-network theory. Examples for such couplings are links to the heating sector via combined heat and power plants or electrically powered geothermal heating, or synfuel production for the transportation sector. Additionally, modeling the impact of shifting weather patterns due to climate change on the reliability of the electricity supply could become a research question.

Qualifications of the Applicant: We are looking for a highly motivated and qualified PhD student with a strong interest in the fields of alternative energies and network modeling. The applicant should hold a Msc or Diploma degree in physics or a related field. He/She should have a solid background in mathematics and programming experience.

The research group is located at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies on the Campus of the Goethe-University of Frankfurt am Main. The institute is a unique interdisciplinary environment with interacting research groups working on topics ranging from astrophysics to neural networks (for more information see: fias.uni-frankfurt.de).

The prospective starting date of the position is 1.9.2014 (negotiable), subject to positive funding decision.

Applicants should send a cover letter, CV, a copy of the latest degree, and contact details of a reference as pdf file via email to schaefer@fias.uni-frankfurt.de.

Closing date is Friday 15.08.2014.

LabFrankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Starts on01/09/2014
Duration/Period3 years
Deadline14/08/2014 22:00
Keywordscomplex networks; renewable energies; power grid; nonlinear dynamics;

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