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  • Ph.D. position: Complexity research applied to creative gaming and social networks of older people

    Using an interdisciplinary approach the project aims to get grip on this complex societal challenge by developing appealing new inter-generational digital games that promote interaction between different age-groups, optimize feasibility and conduct studies to test the effects of social health games on senior’s loneliness and social networks. This ‘complexity’ PhD will be focusing on complexity science methods (e.g., network analysis, stability and tipping point analyses, computational modeling such as ABM).

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  • Permanent position of data analyst in a private company

    IOT company in Rome offers permanent position to a data scientist Main tasks: Analyze the behavior of people's flows and environmental parameters through a propietary IOT platform, using a series of sensors of various types located in the clients' buildings. Company's customers manage complex buildings that can be used either as offices / factories or as shops / malls. Develop new mathematical models useful to customers or correlations between sensor data and external sources (weather, traffic, etc.) The salary is related to the candidate's expertise.

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  • Tenure Track position as Assistant Professor in Machine Learning

    Tenure Track position as Assistant Professor in Machine Learning at Umea University in Sweden.

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  • Research Fellow/Postdoc positions in Complex Networks and Brain Dynamics

    We are looking for new team members to join the Complex Networks and Brain Dynamics group to work on its interdisciplinary projects. The group is part of the Department of Complex Systems, Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences - based in Prague, Czech Republic. We focus on the development and application of methods of analysis and modelling of real-world complex networked systems, with particular interest in the structure and dynamics of human brain function. Our main research areas are neuroimaging data analysis (fMRI & EEG, iEEG, anatomical and diffusion MRI), brain dynamics modelling, causality and information flow inference, nonlinearity and nonstationarity, graph theory, machine learning and multivariate statistics; with applications in neuroscience, climate research, economics and general communication networks. More information about the group at http://cobra.cs.cas.cz/.

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