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  • PhD Program in Network Science at CEU

    The Department of Network & Data Science of Central European University announces 5 fully funded PhD scholarships. The PhD program in Network Science is a research-oriented program that provides the only PhD degree in this field in Europe. We welcome applications to work on the theoretical and methodological foundations of network science, as well as application oriented data-driven research in network science.

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  • OSoMe Research Scientist Wanted

    We are looking for a research scientist to help run the Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe, pronounced awe•some) at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB). The official title of the position is Senior Project Coordinator (SPC). The Senior Project Coordinator will join the OSoMe senior management team — director Filippo Menczer, co-directors for research Betsi Grabe and Alessandro Flammini, co-directors for education Elaine Monaghan and John Paolillo, Dean James Shahahan, and associate director for technology Val Pentchev. The mission of the Observatory, which recently received a $6 million investment from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Indiana University, is to study the media and technology networks that drive the online diffusion of dis/mis/information. OSoMe offers access to data and tools for researchers worldwide to uncover the vulnerabilities of the media ecosystem and develops methods for increasing the resilience of citizens and democratic systems to manipulation.

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  • Open Source Complex Ecosystems And Networks (OCEAN) Postdoctoral Fellowships

    The University of Vermont-Google Open Source Complex Ecosystems And Networks (OCEAN) Postdoctoral and Postgraduate Fellowships at the University of Vermont's Complex Systems Center offer two early-career scientists a unique experience to tackle open questions related to organizational and team performance. Funded by Google Open Source, this fellowship provides an excellent opportunity to work alongside an international network of leading academic researchers and industry partners. The project will deepen understanding about how people, teams, and organizations thrive in technology-rich settings, especially in open-source projects and communities.

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