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  • Post-Doctoral Grant

    In this post-doctoral project, the grantee will participate in the Brazilian team for the research project “Understanding opinion dynamics and language evolution using massive data” (T-AP project). Specifically, the grantee will work with the other members of the Brazilian team on the part of the T-AP project that involves research on language evolution by means of “big data” analyses. The grantee will bring a knowledge of linguistics and semiotics to the investigation, will assist in the development of computational models of language dynamics, and will investigate the following question: Can big data be used to bring relevant evidence to bear in support of the hypothesis that natural languages have most of the characteristics of complex adaptive systems?

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  • Postdoctoral Positions in Quantitative Biological Modeling/Systems Biology

    The new research group led by Dr. Pan-Jun Kim at Hong Kong Baptist University (Department of Biology) invites applications for postdoctoral positions in the area of Quantitative Biological Modeling/Systems Biology: http://panjunkim.com. The research will focus on the computational modeling and analysis of complex microbial communities inside human body (“human microbiome”). Our body is home to a variety of microbial cells, and they significantly affect our health and disease. An integrative investigation of collective dynamics of this microbial ecosystem is very important toward biomedical applications. The ideal candidates are expected to have experience/interest in the areas of computational biology and mathematical modeling, strong backgrounds in computer simulations with programing languages such as python and C++, and some familiarity with the Linux environment. Previous experience with nonlinear dynamics and/or machine learning would be a plus. Screening of applications begins immediately and will continue until the position is filled. To apply, please e-mail curriculum vitae along with a brief statement of your research interests to Dr. Pan-Jun Kim at extutor (at) gmail (dot) com, and arrange to have three letters of recommendation e-mailed to the same address.

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  • POST DOC OPENING @LIPh_LAB, Physics Dept.. University of Padova

    The LIPh Group (Physics and Astronomy Dept. of the University of Padua) headed by Samir Suweis and Amos Maritan, invites applications for postdoctoral positions on statistical physics and complex systems. Appointment duration 24 months. Starting date, April-June 2018.

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  • PhD Positions: Computational & Systems Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University

    We are seeking PhD students who have interest in cross-disciplinary, cutting-edge research with dynamical computational modeling and data analysis of complex biological or biomedical systems. We welcome applicants from every discipline. The candidates should be highly motivated, mathematically talented, cooperative, and responsible.

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  • International PhD Studentship in Systems Medicine / Network Pharmacology

    As part of the prestigious SPaRK Doctoral Training Programme, we are seeking international PhD candidates in the area of 'Network Pharmacology for Novel Cancer Combination Therapies and Diagnostics'. Eligible candidates will have spent no more than 12 months in UK during the 3 years preceding the 11th April 2018 closing date. The SPaRK Programme offers a generous remuneration package based on a basic per annum salary of £21,917.17 with pension or £25,576.45 without pension. Please see link for further details.

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  • Post-Doctoral Grant on Corruption and Complex Networks

    Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the study of corruption and complex network analysis, at the Intituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, in Mexico City.

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