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  • Dynamic networks: measure, model and mitigate financial risks

    The Scuola Normale Superiore announces a selection, based on work to date and interview, for a research contract as part of the research project “Dynamic networks: measure, model and mitigate financial risks”. The research fellow will work to to build financial data science models based on dynamic networks and through complex systems techniques, aimed at measuring different types of financial risks (credit risk, market risk, systemic risk) and at suggesting possible mitigation measures. The deadline is October 23.

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  • AVAST Fellowship at the Institute of Computer Science CAS in Prague, Czech Republic

    The Institute of Computer Science (ICS) of The Czech Academy of Sciences in cooperation with AVAST Software (AVAST) is offering a fellowship for an outstanding and enthusiastic researcher, PhD holder, from all over the world, open to cooperation with some of the scientific teams of the ICS (www.cs.cas.cz) and with AVAST research teams.

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  • Post-Doctoral Grant on Corruption and Complex Networks

    Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the study of corruption and complex network analysis, at the Intituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, in Mexico City.

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  • Computational Science, Engineering, Complex Systems, or Applied Mathematics PhD Student

    Vermont EPSCoR is recruiting a PhD level graduate student to join our cutting-edge NSF funded research on Basin Resilience to Extreme Events (BREE). We are in year three of a five-year award of large-scale interdisciplinary studies which will determine how the Lake Champlain Basin’s landscape, watershed and lake conditions respond to extreme weather events and will test policy scenarios for enhancing resilience using our comprehensive Integrated Assessment Model (IAM). As a member of the BREE team, you will have excellent mentoring and participate in unique learning and professional development experiences including learning to communicate your science through our program with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.

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  • Postdoc position in the Laboratory of Statistical Biophysics at EPFL.

    We are looking for a very motivated, enthusiastic and talented postdoc to join the Laboratory of Statistical Biophysics at EPFL.

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  • Postdoc in Computational Social Science at the Santa Fe Institute

    SFI seeks a program postdoc to play a key role in a project using natural language processing, online group experiments, and computational modeling to study social dynamics in online discussions and problem-solving groups.

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  • Full professor (tenure) + starting grant

    Full professor (tenure) will be opened at LPTM with a starting date fixed in september 2019. Outstanding scientists wishing to develop her/his activities within the Complex Systems group of LPTM (Theme D) are encouraged to apply. The activities of Theme D are linked to the MME-DII groupment of laboratories (Labex) which finances the "chaire d'excellence" associated to this permanent position. French qualification to the function of professor is not compulsory but strongly reccomended, the qualification period starts in September 2018 (details below).

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