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Beg-Rohu school: Out of Equilibrium Dynamics, Evolution and Genetics

The participants

PhD students, postdocs, young and senior researchers are all welcome to apply to the Beg Rohu school. A proportion of half PhD students and half young and confirmed researchers would be ideal for allowing both pedagogical lectures and dynamic interactions.

The lectures and the professors

The aim of the school is twofold: providing for the participants a solid and advanced knowledge of main topics in statistical physics and condensed matter, but also giving rise to interactions between confirmed researchers. Ideally, the outcome of each session will be a boost in the research subjects covered by the lectures both because of the excellent training and of the emergence of fruitful interactions between participants. To this aim, each lecture progressively goes from the basics to the current research edge. Lectures and professors are chosen so that the topic of the session is tackled from different points of view; questions and answers sessions are organized in order to foster interactions between students and lecturers.

Lecturers are chosen both for the important role they played in the development of the research subjects covered at the school and their pedagogical capability. Lessons will be all given on blackboard (except for showing experimental curves, movies, etc).

L.F. Cugliandolo: Out of Equilibrium Dynamics of Complex Systems

D.S. Fisher: Evolutionary Dynamics of Large Populations 

Y.V. Fyodorov: Counting Equilibria in Complex Systems via Random Matrices 

D.R. Nelson: Population Genetics in Space and Time


The school is accommodated at the French National Sailing School (Ecole Nationale de Voile), located on the site of Beg Rohu, in the village Saint Pierre Quiberon, on the peninsula of Quiberon in southern Brittany. The nearest cities are Quiberon, Auray and Vannes, all located in the district ("département" in French) of Morbihan.

How to get here

From Paris, TGV express trains take 3.5h to reach Auray. Then get on the local train or the bus to Quiberon, which makes a stop at Saint Pierre Quiberon close to Beg Rohu. Detailed instructions for the arrival will be posted after the selection procedure.


The cost of the school is 1000 euros per participant. It covers all regular expenses including accommodation and meals. An extra 150 euros will be required from participants wishing to attend sailing activities.


The school will start on Monday the 24th of July (arrival on Sunday 23rd afternoon) and end after lunch on Saturday the 5th of August. There will be 3 lectures per day, except on Sunday the 30th of July that will be lectures-free. We will have access to several boats to make a day-long sailing trip.

A typical day schedule of the summer school will consist in 3 lectures per day, each one 1.5 hours long. There will be 2 lectures in the morning. The first one will start at 8.30 am. After lunch there will be sailing lessons (or free time for the ones not taking sailing lessons), followed by the third lecture at 5.45 pm. Some evenings, after dinner, there will be questions and answers sessions and seminars.

Starts on24/07/2017
Ends on05/08/2017
Registration closes on14/03/2017

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