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Centre For Business Network Analysis Summer School 2017

The Centre for Business Network Analysis at the University of Greenwich, London, is hosting the 5th edition of a Summer School entirely dedicated to research design, data collection, and statistical methods for Social Network Analysis (SNA) of individuals and organisations.

The growing availability of network data - and the concurrent development of specialised methodologies to analyse and interpret them - offer unprecedented opportunities for research in all fields of social sciences. Just as it is important in academia, the study of offline and online social networks increasingly informs business and policy decision-making.

A Social Network Analysis (SNA) perspective can be employed to understand political, economic and social phenomena, and in particular: interactions between individual actors, groups or organisations resource and information flows; social influence.

SNA provides insight into structural constraints of actors dependent not only on their own relations but also on the way other actors are related. Embedding actors within the set of their interactions allows for a better understanding of the distribution of power, the effective impact of social and political action, the influence of cultural and social factors on individual behaviour.

The Centre for Business Network Summer School offers one introductory course and three advanced courses covering different aspects of SNA.

Starts on12/06/2017
Ends on16/06/2017

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