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Second Lake Como School on Advances in Complex Systems

School Directors:

M. J. Alava, C. A. M. La Porta, A. Vespignani, S. Zapperi


L. Amaral, M. Ben Amar, N. Dokholian, J. Griffith, J. Holly, S. Huang, M. Labouesse, T. Liedl, F. MacKintosh, L. Mirny, G. Tiana, J. Urbach, A. Vespignani

This second school on Advances in Complex Systems will take place in Como, Italy (3-7 July 2017). 

The first edition of the school took place in the summer of 2015. The scope of the school series is to present recent advances in complex systems discussing applications of statistical mechanics of non-equilibrium and disordered systems, theories of complex networks and other stochastic systems to different topics in materials science, social sciences, biology and biomedical research. The broad choice of interdisciplinary topics is designed to expose the students to some of the multiple facets of complex systems theory. The 2017 edition of the school will focus on inderdisciplinary approaches to tissue regeneration, chromatin conformations and telomers, bio-inspired materials, protein aggregation and complex networks in health sciences.

The Complex Systems Society is funding two fellowships covering the registration fee to the School on Advances in Complex Systems. Perspective participants who wish to apply for a fellowship should indicate this in the application form. To receive a fellowship participants are requested to be members of the CSS. Selection will be based on the CV and the motivation letter of the applicants. Selected candidates will be expected to deliver a short talk at the school.

Starts on03/07/2017
Ends on07/07/2017
Registration closes on30/04/2017
Submission deadline28/02/2017 23:00

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