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Crossroads in Complex Systems

The conference Crossroads in Complex Systems, will take place at IFISC, Mallorca (Spain), 5-8 June 2017, on occasion of the 10th anniversary of IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems, UIB-CSIC) . Thematic keynote, invited and contributed talks, a poster session, round-table discussions and a public event will contribute to a rich program. The conference aims to represent a broad spectrum of topics on Complex Systems as wide, at least, as the IFISC range of research lines.

Keynote thematic speakers:

Carlos Duarte (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; Thuwal, Saudi Arabia) Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO; Barcelona, Spain) Rajarshi Roy (University of Maryland; College Park, USA) Wolf Singer (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research; Frankfurt, Germany) Alex Vespignani (Northeastern University; Boston, USA) Angelo Vulpiani (University la Sapienza; Rome, Italy) Round table panelists: Albert Diaz Guilera (UBICS: University of Barcelona Institute of Complex Systems and Complexitat.cat; Barcelona, Spain) Henrik J. Jensen (Center for Complexity Science, Imperial College London; UK) Yamir Moreno (President of the Complex Systems Society (CSS) and BIFI; Zaragoza, Spain) Luciano Pietronero (Institute for Complex Systems (ISC-CNR) and University La Sapienza; Rome, Italy) Jan M. Rost (Director Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPKS); Dresden, Germany) Angel Sanchez (President of ComplejiMad, University Carlos III de Madrid; Spain) Stefan Thurner (President of Complexity Science Hub and Medical University Vienna; Austria) Important dates:

Abstract submission: 1 December 2016 - 31 January 2017 Registration: 1 December 2016 - 30 April 2017 Program Committee:

Pere Colet, Emilio Hernández-García, Manuel Matias, Maxi San Miguel, Raúl Toral, Roberta Zambrini

Contact: crossroads2017@ifisc.uib-csic.es

LocationPalma de Mallorca
Starts on05/06/2017
Ends on08/06/2017
Registration closes on29/04/2017
Submission deadline30/01/2017 23:00

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