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Big Dive

Actually the BIG DATA word is not so appreciated by professionals and researchers due to a mix of quantitative and qualitative components and to the “buzz” created by marketing. Nevertheless, in the recent years most of the companies in the information and communication technology sector (but not only) has realized the extraordinary potential linked to data.

All-in-one platforms, software tools and libraries have been developed and released by open source players, as well as big vendors, promising a simple and effective information assets management, but still the human factor plays a key role in order to create knowledge starting from the data and to enable data-driven decision making processes.

The awareness of the need for inter-disciplinary and intra-disciplinary teams (data-driven developers, data-driven designers, data-driven managers …) with a clear attitude to data analysis is emerging day after day in companies, start-ups and government institutions.

According to this clear and tangible need, BIG DIVE enables professionals to face the challenges related to huge amount of data and to the complexity of the living world: finding emergent phenomena, studying correlations and dealing with so-called “black boxes”.

During these years, starting from 2012, when we launched BIG DIVE, many other courses, camp or university masters have been activated. This process highlights the above thesis and has increased the chances for people aiming at exploring this world. Still, we consider the core pillars of BIG DIVE as the top distinctive elements that qualify our training initiative over competitors:

/ the bits-on, hands-on approach;

/ the value of our teachers;

/ the intensive and multidisciplinary program;

/ the physical class interaction;

/ the real datasets we provide to our students;

/ the network we have created during these years, in the scientific and corporate fields.

These building blocks and a successful track-record made BIG DIVE one of the top choice for wannabe data scientists currently available.

Starts on06/06/2016
Ends on08/07/2016
Early registration12/03/2016
Registration closes on07/05/2016

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