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Workshop: Living systems, from interaction patterns to critical behavior

The workshop will present a wide-range of interdisciplinary problems using creative approaches grounded in statistical physics. In particular there will be three main sections: Bio (micro-scale), Bio2Eco (meso-scale) and Eco (macro-scale). In each section it will be given a series of lectures and seminars.

LECTURERS (confirmed)

Sergey Maslov Kim Sneppen Antonio Celani Amos Maritan Stefano Allesina Joshua Weitz

SPEAKERS (confirmed)

Andrea Rinaldo Jayanth Banavar Jensen Henrik Flavio Seno Paolo De los Rios Achille Giacometti Guido Tiana Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino Sandro Azaele

On September 19 afternoon, we will organise a guided Tour in Venice that will conclude with the Social Dinner.


Antonio Trovato University of Padova http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Antonio_Trovato2

Samir Suweis University of Padova http://www.pd.infn.it/~maritan/people/Samir/samir.html

Jacopo Grilli University of Chicago http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jacopo_Grilli

For more information and application: e-mail: liph.unipd@gmail.com Twitter: @Liph_lab

LocationVenice, San Servolo Island
Starts on15/09/2015
Ends on19/09/2015
Early registration14/06/2015
Registration closes on14/06/2015
Submission deadline14/06/2015 22:00

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