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Animal social networks in behavioural research

Lecturers Prof. Iain Couzin , Princeton University, USA Prof. Darren Croft , University of Exeter, UK Dr Will Hoppitt , Anglia Ruskin University, UK Dr Julia Lehmann , University of Roehampton, UK Dr David Lusseau , University of Aberdeen, UK Dr Cedric Sueur , IPHC, Strasbourg, France

Content Top specialists from an array of inter-discipliniary domains will discuss recent advances in the field, the critical messages emerging from social network analysis in behavioural and parasitiological research and provide practical training for the implication of social network analysis techniques. Special focus will be made to the application of social network analysis for behavioural research, disease transmission and parasitology. There will be two afternoon practical training workshops, followed by a general discussion.

Starts on27/04/2015
Ends on28/04/2015

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