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Conference "Complexity and change: thinking, practices and processes for addressing global challenges"

This conference builds upon the experience of the CES Winter School 2020 named “Sustainable development, complexity and change: thinking and practices for the SDG and other objectives”. It is based on a logic of deep interdisciplinarity, oriented towards promoting productive, collaborative, critical and creative dialogues between different disciplines and modes of thinking, between theory and research and the practices that “in the real world” enact and realise, critique or present alternative or complementary proposals to addressing critical global challenges. 

This conference is organised around key challenges, targeting the following themes: 

(1) Being and Thinking Together (in) Complexity

(2) Knowing Together: Grasping the Complexity of the World 

(3) Living Together: Peace and Communities of Well-Being 

(4) Learning and Teaching Together

(5) Changing and Acting Together

In this Conference we propose to address these challenges, exploring a variety of critical, alternative and complementary views on how to address their complexity. We aim at building alternatives and generating new ideas that may have an impact on research, policy-making and practice. The conference adopts a format aimed at stimulating dialogue and collective creativity and supporting co-learning, combining oral presentations with guided and creative moments of group discussion and co-construction towards the integration of knowledge and experiences and production of new ideas and projects. Participants are encouraged to register for the full conference as each session will build upon and connect with previous ones. Nevertheless, registrations selecting particular days are permitted. On each day, the group of participants will leave a legacy which will be integrated in the following days.

The conference will accept contributing talks and the exhibit of posters which will be the target of a critical re-construction process throughout the conference.

Starts on05/09/2022
Ends on09/09/2022
Early registration24/06/2022
Registration closes on25/07/2022
Submission deadline17/06/2022 0:00

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