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Conference “Forecasting the Future for Sustainable Development"

We are pleased to announce that on June 16-18, 2021, the conference “Forecasting the Future for Sustainable Development: Approaches to Modelling and the Science of Prediction” will take place.

The event is promoted by CEST in collaboration with OECD-NAEC and is supported by the Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), IN Srl and LexisNexis®️ IP.

The aim of the workshop is to tackle the complex challenge of modeling and forecasting towards more sustainable goals. We will focus on new approaches and discuss a broad range of topics including SDGs and ESG impact evaluation, bibliometrics, patent analytics and foresight methods by bringing together leading scientists, young scholars and policymakers.

Keynote speakers will be:

• W. Brian Arthur, Santa Fe Institute

• Scott Cunningham, University of Strathclyde

• Joanna Chataway, UCL

• Adam B. Jaffe, Brandeis University

• Philippe Krueger, University of Geneva

• Andreas Pyka, University of Hohenheim

• Cynthia Rudin, Duke University

• Andrea Saltelli, Open University of Catalunya

The registration for the workshop is now open: http://bit.ly/INETxOECD_Reg

Participation of students/young scholars is particularly encouraged. A dedicated call for ideas will allow selected applicants

(i) to take part in discussions on their own research projects with selected conference lecturers and

(ii) to attend two workshops, one organised by OECD on forecasting for policy making and one by IBM on explainability of AI.

The deadline is May 31, 2021; apply at http://bit.ly/INETxOECD_Call

We welcome submissions of ideas/abstracts in the following domains:

» Sustainability: modelling and innovation practices;

» Sustainable Development Goals;

» Bibliometric tools for forecasting emerging technologies;

» Patents and Innovation trajectories;

» Non-standard tools for policy making: complex network and agent-based


» Responsible Data Science;

» Interactions between the above mentioned topics.

Attached you can find the agenda of the conference; all information is available on the website https://inetxoecd.associazionecest.it/ 

Register at: http://bit.ly/INETxOECD_Reg

Apply at: http://bit.ly/INETxOECD_Call

Starts on16/06/2021
Ends on19/06/2021
Submission deadline31/05/2021 0:00

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