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Ghent Summer of DANS 2020

The Complex Systems Institute (www.csi.ugent.be) at Ghent University invites you to the Ghent Summer School in Data and Network Science with a focus on socio-economic problems.

The school will have a dynamic mix of theory, research seminars and computer labs, plus allocated time to develop a coached data science team project. You will also have an opportunity to present your own research in a lightning talk. The school will cover the fundamentals of data and network science, spatial data science, financial networks, and game theory on social networks.

The target audience are PhD students and post-doctoral researchers with quantitative background in e.g. physics, engineering, economics, applied math, computer science, business, or sociology. No advanced math skills are necessary. Familiarity with programming is expected (e.g. Python, C/C++, Java, R...). Labs will be given in Python, thus basic knowledge of Python is recommended but not essential.

The Flemish Doctoral Schools of SBS (Social and Behavioural Sciences) & NS (Natural Sciences) recognise our school as Seasonal School in the Ghent University’s doctoral training programme. Therefore, Flemish students are eligible for funding and for 3 ECTS. There is a fee for non-Flemish students. We will also provide a certificate that non-Flemish students may use to claim credits in their home institution.

Starts on14/09/2020
Ends on18/09/2020

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