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Econophysics – Colloquium 2020

This colloquium is the next in the series that were previously held in Singapore (2019), Palermo (2018), Warsaw (2017), Sao Paolo (2016), Prague (2015), Tokyo (2014), etc.

Topics of the meeting include among others:

Agent Based Modeling and Networks

Financial time series

Physics of markets

Behavioral economics

Systemic risk and risk management

Economic networks

Foreign Exchange Market

Fractal tools and analysis and multifractal analysis and modeling

Interbank market and Systemic Risk

Macroeconomy and economic networks

Market Correlations

Computational experimental finance

Derivatives pricing and hedging

Evolutionary game theory

Financial engineering

Market dynamics, macroscopic models and prediction

Market microstructure

Complexity in Economic System


Event, relationship, proximity based, and statistically validated networks

Multilayer networks in economics and finance

Random matrix theory application to finance

Financial bubbles

Opinion dynamics


Heterogeneity and Pareto laws in economic and financial systems


Other topics in Econophysics

Invited speakers include:

Hideaki Aoyama, Kyoto University, Japan

Rossella Arcucci, Imperial College,UK

Stefano Battiston, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Guido Caldarelli, IMT Lucca, Italy

Anna Carbone , Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Yoshi Fujiwara, University of Hyogo, Japan

Giulia Iori, City University of London, UK

Luciano Pietronero, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy.

Eugene Stanley, Boston University, USA

Victor Yakovenko, University of Maryland, USA

Andrea Zaccaria, Institute for Complex Systems (ISC)-CNR, Italy

More to be confirmed

The venue of the meeting is the Campus of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in downtown Thessaloniki, Greece.

Starts on18/05/2020
Ends on20/05/2020
Early registration31/03/2020
Registration closes on17/05/2020
Submission deadline29/02/2020 23:00

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