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First TOFFEe workshop on online disinformation

Dear friends and colleagues,

we kindly ask you to advertise the 1st TOFFEe workshop and contribute with your latest results on methodologies for fighting disinformation.

TOFFEe - https://toffee.imtlucca.it/ - is an interdisciplinary research project funded by IMT School For Advanced Studies Lucca.

The project ambition is to overcome some of the limitations of existing social platforms, which often dedicate little attention to trustworthy interactions among peers and to reliability of information. The aim of the project is to increase people's confidence on the data they get and who they follow, while minimising the risk of exposure to fake information and malicious actions.

 As part of the dissemination activities of the project, on October 24th and 25th, 2019, we organise an International Workshop where different approaches for fighting fakes will be presented. You can find all infos at https://toffee.imtlucca.it/workshops/toffee-workshop-1.

The following scholars confirmed their participation to the workshop:

Simona De Rosa, T6 Ecosystem

Fiorenza Lipparini, Plus Value

Hernan Makse, Levich Institute, City College of New York

Andrea Nicolai, T6 Ecosystem

Gabriella Pasi, Università di Milano Bicocca

Gianni Riotta, Princeton University

Fabrizio Silvestri, Facebook UK

Erika Widegren, Re-Imagine Europe

We would be delighted if you could join us. The registration to the workshop is free, just fill the form at https://toffee.imtlucca.it/workshops/toffee-workshop-1. We kindly ask you to register before the 9th of October. The registration comprehends two coffee breaks and one lunch.

Analogously, we would be delighted if you could contribute to the workshop with your latest results. The slot for the contributions last nearly 15 minutes, plus some time for questions. You can send us a 2 pages abstract at the present email address: fabio.saracco@imtlucca.it. The deadline for sending the abstract is on the 25th of September. We will return our decision on the 2nd of October.

Looking forward to meeting you in Lucca in October, we send you our best regards,

 Rocco De Nicola (project coordinator)

 Guido Caldarelli

 Irene Crimaldi

 Marinella Petrocchi

 Fabio Saracco

LocationLucca, IMT School For Advanced Studies
Starts on24/10/2019
Ends on25/10/2019
Early registration08/09/2019
Registration closes on08/10/2019
Submission deadline24/09/2019 22:00

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