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Complex Systems and Statistical Physics Sessions at FISMAT

Submissions are open for the special sessions on:

"Complex Systems, Complex Networks and Interdisciplinary Applications of Statistical Mechanics"

that will be held at FISMAT conference in Catania(Sicily, Italy) from 30 september to 4 october.

Invited speakers list includes:

-Andrea Gabrielli (Institute of Complex Systems ISC CNR ROMA):

 Complex Systems and Human Brain Networks

- Vito Latora (Queen Mary University, UK & Universita di Catania):

 Structure and Dynamics of multiplex Networks

- Fabrizio Lombardi (Boston University):

Critical Phenomena in Brain Dynamics

-Daniel Maria Busiello (EPFL Losanna):

Dissipation and Selection in Chemical Reaction Networks 

Plenary session invited speakers:

-Amos Maritan (Universita di Padova)

Submission deadline 3 June :


LocationCatania (sicilia)
Starts on30/09/2019
Ends on04/10/2019
Early registration27/09/2019
Registration closes on02/10/2019
Submission deadline02/06/2019 22:00

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