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Lake Como School on Advances in Complex Systems: from Ecology to Economics

This is the third school of a series tackling general properties of complex systems from an interdisciplinary quantitative perspective. The scope of the school series is to present recent advances in complex systems discussing applications of statistical mechanics, theories of complex networks, stochastic and disordered systems to different topics ranging from materials science, social sciences, economics, biology and biomedical research. The broad choice of interdisciplinary topics is designed to expose the students to some of the multiple facets of complex systems theory.

The third edition of the school will present lectures following a thread that starts from ecology and evolutionary biology and moves towards economics and finance under the mathematical umbrella of complexity. We will explore several key concepts of evolutionary theory in different contexts from biology to social and economic sciences, including: the importance of innovation as an emerging phenomenon, and the role of exaptation, defined as a change in the function of a trait during evolution. Another issue discussed at the school will be the generic existence of multiple equilibria in complex systems that may lead to catastrophic extreme events, from massive extinctions through evolution and ecological stability/instability to global financial crises. Lectures will address these topics discussing advanced tools from data science, statistical physics, simulations of agent based models and the probabilistic theory of extreme events.

The school is open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in complex systems and related fields. The school is organized by the Center for Complexity and Biosystems of the University of Milan at the Lake Como School of Advanced Study.

Organizers: J. P. Bouchaud, C. A. M. La Porta and S. Zapperi

Invited speakers (confirmed): P. Andriani, G. Biroli, G. Bunin, G. Longhi, M. Marsili, L. Pietronero, L. Pilotti, S. Thurner.

We are waiting the confirmation of additional speakers.

Starts on22/07/2019
Ends on26/07/2019
Registration closes on29/03/2019
Submission deadline29/03/2019 23:00

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