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Online winter school on spectral methods in complex systems

Topic: spectral methods in complex systems - a technical school which ranges from theory of spectral operators

to applications in complex systems. The school is "online": videos will be posted online and students can attend 

The school is for master students in biology, physics, social sciences and computer science both at the master level and early phd students.

Length of the school: 10 days from Jan 21st to Jan 30th.

The registration deadline is December 15th.

Lecturers: https://sites.google.com/view/cssm/lecturers


Cost: Donation based, you can pay through paypal to the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

List of basic topics to be covered:

  • Graph Theory
  • Linear Algebra: from spectra to matrix functions
  • Advanced Linear Algebra: from Matrix equations to probabilistic methods for graphs and eigenvalues
  • Introduction to Spectral and Pseudospectral Theory of Linear operators
  • Random Walks: discrete and continuous
  • Iterative Methods for linear systems
  • Eigenvalue inequalities
  • Transfer operator theory
  • Random Matrices

List of applications to be covered:

  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Complex Networks
  • Dynamical systems
  • Econophysics and Finance
  • Machine learning
  • Information theory
  • Ecology and Populations
  • Biophysics and Biology
  • Stochastic thermodynamics
  • Control
  • Quantum Mechanics

CountryUnited States
Starts on21/01/2019
Ends on30/01/2019
Registration closes on14/12/2018

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