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24th Annual International Workshop on Cellular Automata (CAs) and Discrete Complex Systems (DCSs) AUTOMATA 2018

Submission presenting original and unpublished research on all fundamental aspects of CAs and DCSs are welcomed, as well as submissions demonstrating their value in a particular field of application.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • dynamic, topological, ergodic and algebraic aspects
  • algorithmic and complexity issues
  • emergent properties
  • formal languages
  • symbolic dynamics
  • tilings
  • models of parallelism and distributed systems
  • synchronous versus asynchronous models
  • phenomenological descriptions and scientific modelling
  • applications of CAs and DCSs

Paper categories

There are two categories of submission – full papers and exploratory papers. Full papers are meant to report more complete and denser research, while the later submission deadline for exploratory papers allows short reports of recent discoveries, work-in-progress and/or partial results. Submissions in the full paper category are refereed and selected by the program committee. Papers in the exploratory category go through a less rigorous evaluation process. All accepted papers must be presented at the conference.


Accepted full papers will appear in the proceedings published by Springer in the LNCS series. Exploratory papers will not be included in the LNCS proceedings.

Submission guidelines

Authors are invited to submit papers of no more than 12 pages (for full papers) or 8 pages (for exploratory papers) by clicking the following link


Starts on20/06/2018
Ends on22/06/2018
Early registration29/03/2018
Registration closes on07/06/2018
Submission deadline13/05/2018 22:00

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