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ECCS'07 Dresden

Because of the evident potential of the science of complex systems and because of the increasing problems, e.g., in the management of complex electronic or software systems, and in the control of political and economic networks, the European Union has decided to strengthen the research in complex systems and to foster the transfer of knowledge. Correspondingly, within the programs NEST (New and Emergent Science and Technology) and IST-FET (Information Society Technology - Future and Emerging Technologies), significant investments have been made to support new fields of research such as networks, cognitive systems, artificial cells, autonomously interacting robots, and many other areas.

The recently established European Complex Systems Society and the series of conferences under the title "European Conference on Complex Systems" has to be seen in this context. It aims at bringing together the various related disciplines, at focusing the diverse research activities, and at fostering them. The goals of this annual conference are to reflect the recent progress in the field of complexity science and to significantly increase the actively involved community.

The first three conferences took place in three different countries, namely Italy (Torino), France (Paris), and Great Britain (Oxford). In 2007, this conference series continues in Dresden, Germany. Dresden and its neighborhood (Berlin, Leipzig, Prague, etc.) offer a fantastic scientific environment with world-famous institutions and various Max Planck Institutes such as the one for the Physics of Complex Systems. So, there are ample opportunities to exchange ideas and get inspired.

Starts on01/10/2007
Ends on05/10/2007

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