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This International Conference on Complex Networks (CompleNet) brings together researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines working on areas related to complex networks. Over the past two decades we have witnessed an exponential increase in the number of publications and research centers dedicated to this field. From biological systems to computer science, from technical to informational networks, from economic to social systems, complex networks are becoming pervasive for dozens of applications. It is the interdisciplinary nature of complex networks that CompleNet aims to capture and celebrate.

Previous Complenet conferences have taken place around the world on a yearly basis, including Rio, Berlin, Dijon, and Dubrovnik. In its 9th year, we are delighted to have the next Complenet in Boston, MA hosted by the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University.

To see our last event in Dubrovnik: complenet17.weebly.com

Starts on05/03/2018
Ends on08/03/2018
Early registration30/11/2017
Submission deadline05/10/2017 22:00

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