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The International Conference on Guided Self-Organisation (GSO-2018): Information Geometry and Statistical Physics

The goal of Guided Self-Organization (GSO) is to leverage the strengths of self-organization (i.e., its simplicity, parallelization, adaptability, robustness, scalability) while still being able to direct the outcome of the self-organizing process. GSO typically has the following features:

(i) An increase in organization (i.e., structure and/or functionality) over time;

(ii) Local interactions that are not explicitly guided by any external agent;

(iii) Task-independent objectives that are combined with task-dependent constraints.

GSO-2018 is the 9th conference in a bi-annual series on GSO. Recent research is starting to indicate that information geometry, nonequilibrium statistical physics in general, and the thermodynamics of computation in particular, all play a key role in GSO. Accordingly, a particular focus of this conference will be the interplay of those three topics as revealed by their relationship with GSO.

The following specific topics are of special interest:

  • information-driven self-organisation
  • complex systems and networks
  • non-equilibrium statistical physics
  • non-extensive statistical mechanics
  • physics of information and computation
  • information dynamics
  • generalised entropies
  • generalised relative entropies
  • alpha geometry and alpha statistics
  • constraints and maximum entropy principle
  • information-geometric aspects of Fokker-Planck and Kolmogorov equations
Starts on26/03/2018
Ends on28/03/2018
Submission deadline30/10/2017 23:00

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