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First International Summer Institute on Network Physiology (ISINP)

The new field of Network Physiology addresses the fundamental question of how physiological systems dynamically interact as a network and integrate their functions across space and time scales to generate health or disease.

 The First International Summer Institute on Network Physiology (ISINP), to be held 24-29th of July in Como, Italy, will be the inaugural event for this emerging field. It will lay the foundation of a new conceptual framework to study network interactions among diverse organ systems and sub-systems as a hallmark of physiologic state and function.

 This will be an interactive event with lectures ranging from physics and applied mathematics to neuroscience, physiology and clinical medicine, and will discuss the challenges, current frontiers and future developments in the interdisciplinary field ofNetwork Physiology.



Plamen Ch. Ivanov, Boston University and Harvard Medical School


Ronny P. Bartsch, Bar-Ilan University, Israel 

Stefano Boccaletti, Weizmann Institute of Science and University of Tel Aviv, Israel

Eberhard Bodenschatz, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Gerrmany

Timothy G. Buchman, Emory University Critical Care Center, USA

Edward T. Bullmore, Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute, Cambridge University

Luca Faes, Bruno Kessler Foundation and the BIOtech Center of the University of Trento, Italy

Klaus Lehnertz, Department of Epileptology, Bonn University Medical Center, Germany

Kang K L Liu, Brandeis University, USA

Hagen Malberg, Inst. for Biomedical Engineering, Dresden University of Technology, Germany

J. Randall Moorman, Center for Advanced Medical Analytics, University of Virginia, USA

Louis M. Pecora, Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Thomas Penzel, Sleep Center, Charité University Hospital, Berlin, Germany

Arkady S. Pikovsky, Departmant of Physics and Astronomy, University of Potsdam, Germany

Caterina A. M. La Porta, Molecular Oncology Laboratory, University of Milan, Italy

Michael G.Rosenblum, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Potsdam, Germany

Antonio Scala, CNR Institute for Complex Systems, University of Roma “La Sapienza”, Italy

Ruedi Stoop, Institute of Neuroinformatics, ETHZ and University of Zurich, Switzerland

Sebastiano Stramaglia, Applied Physics, University of Bari, Italy

Béla Suki, Biomedical Engineering, Boston University, USA

Stefano Zapperi, Physics Department, University of Milan, Italy

Starts on24/07/2017
Ends on29/07/2017
Early registration29/05/2017
Registration closes on29/05/2017
Submission deadline29/05/2017 22:00

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